Our mission is to achieve better health outcomes through behavior modification by harnessing the power of digital games to educate, to motivate, and to reward both virtual and real world actions that improve the players health.

Not Just Fun and Games

At it’s heart, healthEgames is a sophisticated database engine and platform, developing a comprehensive understanding of each individual’s health issues that tracks and rewards progress.

The Healthcare Cost to You

More than 40% Americans today have some form of chronic disease costing over $500 billion annually in direct medical costs alone. Yet over 50% of the time, people with chronic conditions do not take their medications properly or even at all.

Consequences to the individuals:

  • 125,000 deaths each year linked to drug non-adherence
  • AVOIDABLE heart attacks, strokes, and congestive heart failure due to drug non-adherence

Consequences of drug non-adherence to employers, insurance companies, healthcare plans:

$87 billion in annual AVOIDABLE healthcare costs


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