Michael S. Shaw, MD

Chief Product Officer

Dr. Shaw’s background is in medical education, pharmaceutical communications and public health.   He began his career as an educational filmmaker and entered medical school at Emory University in order to apply this background to healthcare education. After a residency in internal medicine, Dr. Shaw spent three years at the National Institutes of Health serving as an educational media specialist for the National Library of Medicine. While at NIH, he also designed and produced educational media for continuing education and patient education and served as a consultant to specialty societies in medicine, nursing and pharmacy.

After leaving NIH in 1979, Dr. Shaw founded a company specializing in the production of medical educational media programs. During the next 20 years he produced more than 400 professional and public educational programs including seven national PBS specials. Many of these programs were developed through educational grants from pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Shaw developed a variety of collaborative programs involving the pharmaceutical industry and the National Institutes of Health including,

  • A documentary about the Human Genome Project developed with Nobel Laureate, Dr. James Watson, and the current Director, Dr. Francis Collins,
  • The 50th Anniversary educational program for the National Institute of Mental Health, and
  • Public and professional programs in asthma education produced for the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

Dr. Shaw is one of the few physicians ever elected to the Directors Guild of America. He worked with the AMA International Medical Film Festival as a member of their Advisory Board and as Chairman of the Filmmaker Committee. Currently, he serves on the National Advisory Board for the International Health and Medical Media Awards.