Josh Gottlieb

Chief Operations Officer

Josh Gottlieb is a practice manager at McKinsey & Company based in Atlanta, GA, focused on building knowledge, solutions, partnerships, and tools with a particular focus on the areas of digital transformation and advanced data & analytics.

As an associate and engagement manager at the firm for several years, Josh led and worked with companies across the healthcare value chain on topics related to digital and analytics, including developing the business model and marketing strategy for a novel HIT commercialization project at a leading US pharmaceutical company, and leading a team to develop, prioritize, and pilot a set of advanced analytics initiatives to build capabilities at a leading global biotech company.

Josh has a computer science degree from Yeshiva University, and worked as a computer programmer and a quant supporting the energy trading desk at JP Morgan Chase for 5 years before changing track toward healthcare. Josh earned an MBA from MIT Sloan and an SM in Health Science and Technology from Harvard-MIT.